Peaceful Resort

我忘了拍飯店外面... 請人補圖給我吧! 這是第一和二天的飯店 - Peaceful Resort!外面還不錯,好像用石頭建造的房子!外面看起來小小的...但...

I forgot to take a picture from the outside!!  Would someone please send me a picture of the hotel!!!  This was the hotel for Day 1 & 2.  The builiding structure was looked like build by stone.  Looked quite small from the outside.

原本以為房間會很小,誰知一進去房間 (拍得沒有很好...歹勢~)

I thought the room would be as small as it looked outside, but who know...  (sorry about the fuzzy picture)



還蠻大的~ 感覺很舒服!這家旅館不錯!

It was quite big afterall!!  Quite comfy!!  I like it!!



衛浴也很乾淨!裡面用的是儲水式熱水爐!我不知道,誰叫我從現在化的地方來~ 後來老闆洗完換我洗,洗到一半~ cow... 變冷,不會是儲水式熱水器吧... cow... 愈來愈冷,到後來就變洗冷水!我跟媽咪說這件事,媽咪說最好等一小時後再去洗!之後就沒有洗冷水的事情發生!這些不太發展的國家,熱水器跟我們用的不一樣!請大家注意!

The bathroom was clean.  The water heater tha the hotels used in Bhutan are the same - Storage Water Heaters (Instantaneous water heaters)  I was totally forgot about this, I am a urban girl.  I took a shower right after my superior, and the water turned into cold water while I was having a shower.  Holy Cat!!  Well, I talked to my mom about this water heater, my mom said is better to wait for one hour before the second person go to take a shower.  I remember this, so we both didn't take any cold shower again during the trip.  The water heaters that LDC used are different than ours, please be aware of that!!!!




There has another space for putting our stuff



看吧!還蠻大的~  See~ Its quite big, right?


我們晚餐都在飯店餐廳吃,晚餐一次上5樣菜!我的貓呀!吃完非常飽!!!  對於亞洲人來說,分量太多了!但東西不錯吃哦~

We had dinner inside the hotel.  There had 5 dishes... I was so full after I finished the dinner.  Too much for me!!!  But the foods were quite tasty!!

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