Gangtey Palace是在不丹住四間飯店中我最喜歡的一間!我喜歡它的裝飾,很有不丹風味~ 住這家飯店真的感覺到自己在不丹... 超級喜歡的~

This was my favorite hotel during the trip - Gangtey Palace!!  Sooooo Traditional!!  I loved the structures and designs of it.  So Bhutan Style!!!

(這裡是)Here is the reception!!



房間外面小小矮矮的好好玩哦!  The hallway was so tiny, very cute!!!

Gangtey Palace

我在想我會不會連人帶滾下樓梯?!?!  I was thinking will I fall down from the stair or not???


這是很可愛的房間! This is our room!!  Cute, right??


有沒有很不丹的感覺呢~ 令我想起印度住的房間!這個比較風雅一些!

So Bhutan Style, right?  Somehow it reminded me of the hotels that I stayed when I was in India!!! (India would be much more colourful than this one) Just love to stayed in some traditional house!!!


 浴室也很大很乾淨! Bathroom was big and clean!!!



餐廳有火爐呢~ 我拍了一些好玩的照片!我老闆覺得在火爐旁喝冰啤酒好爽哦~

There had a stove in the restaurant... I was taking some pictures of it.  My superior was felt great by drinking cold beer next to the stove...



This hotel was quite nice without any neighbours.  The soundproof wasn't good, there had an Indian family lived next to us, we can totally listen every single words of what they said.  Lucky that, they went to bed at 11pm, so its much much quieter afterward!!!  No matter what, I still love this cute hotel!!!

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