Damchen Resort at Phunakha

我老闆不喜歡這家飯店,有電視沒有台,有上網沒辦法連網!他非常生氣因為沒辦法連網!哈哈~ 我老闆是沒有網路活不下去的人呀~ 我呢?我有downloaded很多卡通,漫畫和遊戲,所以不會無聊~

My superior disliked this hotel, because there had TV but no channel, had wifi without connection.  I think this hotel was passable, at least not dirty at all.  Beside, I downloaded a lot of cartoon, comics and games into my iPad, so I have plenty of things that I can do.  But on the other hand, my superior was upsetting about no wifi connection.... I didn't take any picture of the hotel, because I was so busy to getting on the internet... haha...



The bathroom was alright.  Water was hot and had power!!!  Not really that bad!!! 


沒什麼好寫的~ 我在下樓梯時同一地方滑了兩次... 屁股好痛哦~ 就是這樣啦!

Nothing really special about this hotel... Oh yea~ I fell down twice at the same places on the stair while I was walked downstair... My butt was hurting me!!!!

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