Hotel Dewachen at Phobjikha

哼哼~ 這家看起來不錯的飯店!我們到達當天... 沒電!哈哈~

haha~  The hotel looked nice from the outside, correct!!  But... by the time that we got there, there had no power no heater at all... Fun~

房間看起來不錯! The room looked nice!!!




I think it might often has no power in this place, so every room has a stove inside in order to keep the guest warm



看吧!真的沒熱水又沒電!我們沒辦法洗澡!只好用火爐上面的熱水擦身體~ 沒得洗澡才一天而已, 還好啦!去camping還試過不只一天... (當我沒說過)

See~  No power no hot water!!  We can't take shower!  We took a sponge bath by using the hot water while boiled on the stove!!  I don't mind about sponge bath.  I used to do that a lot while I was camping in the States!! 




The only place that has power was the dining room which they used the generator, but it wasn't quite stable as well...



這家飯店其實不錯!但是隔音超級爛!非常爛!我們住樓下,住在樓上的西方人完全以為自己身在自己家中,大聲笑大聲講話!害我睡到一半被吵醒,半夜12點呢~ 完全不顧別人的感受!超級難的西方人!沒品!第二天我因為睡不好的關係,心情超級不好,也給Yeshi 和Pema不好的臉色!後來在車上面愈想自己愈可憐,為什麼是我半夜要被吵醒!真的愈想愈可憐,之後就哭出來!也把Yeshi 和 Pema嚇到!他們在想沒有人因為睡不好而哭... 不好意思... 我就是!要嘛就給我罵人﹔不給我罵,我就覺得自己很可憐之後就哭~ Pema和Yeshi覺得這樣下去不是辦法,所以他們就播一首非常好笑的印度版 "Baby Baby Bay Love"!超級爆笑!後來我就沒事了!反正我脾氣來去很快~ 謝謝他們的貼心~

Personally, I think the problem of this hotel wasn't because there has no power and heater. I didn't mind at all, just felt like I went on camping in Yellowstone.  The BIG problem was about the soundproof.  We stayed in the Ground floor, there had the stupid Western people stayed upstair, they made a lot of sounds and noises in the middle of the night.  The noise was loud enough to woke me up.  I slept at 9pm on that night, they went back to their room at 12 midnight and invited some new friends that they met in the restaurant during dinner time.  They made very loud sounds which woke me up and I cannot be able to sleep again.  I had to took the sleeping pill in order to went to sleep again.  I hate them - bloody tourists.  I was pissed off, I really want to go upstair and yell at them and ask them to Fxxk Off!! 

I wasn't in the good mood on next day morning.  I was giving Yeshi and Pema some hard time because I didn't sleep very well.  I did cried in the car because I was thinking I was so poor that I had been awake by some stupid people.   I think I desired better sleep instead some Bitxxes were having a party upstair.  I think I did scared Yeshi and Pema (maybe...), probably they never saw a person who will cried because she was lack of sleep!!  Well, that's me!!! So they decided to played a funnest song that made me laugh so hard - Indian Oriental Style of "Baby Baby Baby Love".  It was very very funny!!  Trust me!!  I was laughed so hard!!  Thank you Pema and Yeshi. How thoughtful of you guy were!!! 

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