Very obviously, my little princess loved to come around when I took the pictures of the souvenirs.  This wasn't the first time, please recall the one article that I wrote about Souvenirs from Turkey!!


我有收集郵票的習慣... 算是小時候的習慣吧!現在... Starbuck馬克杯... 哈哈~ 我在香港有好幾本郵票本!聽說不丹的郵票很便宜,所以我選了一些我喜歡的來買!在當地也可以當場弄你們的個人郵票!我和老闆穿著不丹的國服 (女) Kira和 (男) Gho去拍了一張!怎樣分呀... 好問題!反正就一人一半!加上我不太喜歡郵票上面為什麼要用國王和皇后為背景,我選的可是不丹的風景呢~ cow...

I loved to collect Stamp when I was young, I have few stamp books at home in HK. (and now I am collecting the Mugs from Starbuck...) I heard the stamps are quite cheap in Bhutan, so I bought a bunch of it... You also can make your own stamps.  My superior and I did made one, we wore Kira and Gho for picture taking.  We are going to seperate the stamp into half.  Beside, I am not really interest into the background of the stamp.



有關不丹的書 和 2011年的Yee Wong皇室婚禮雜誌!! 這兩本是我在機場找到,有關不丹的書我在Paro問每家都要2500 Nu (約USD $46),在機場買才USD $36,差10塊美金呢~那本雜誌就USD $12!

The book of Bhutan and the mazagine about the Royal Wedding in 2011.  The airport was the cheapest price that I got for the book of Bhutan.  USD $10 dollars different... I can buy more stuffs with USD $10, such as 3 more small handbags or 5 bookmarks. Also they sell the mazagine with USD $12. 



再來的是Druk牌的蜂和芒果醬 (這是買給莎莉的) 還是導遊Pema and Yeshi介紹的辣椒醬 150Nu/each!

Druk's honey and Mango Jam;  the local spicy paste which Pema and Yeshi recommended to buy!!! 



其中一瓶漏了出來... 好在我有把它們包好,不過給莎莉的芒果醬就...!外面被染色了...

One of it was leaked... lucky that I wrapped it well...



Kira裝的酒瓶套/ Kira's Wine Cover around 300 Nu/each



我買了男女一套給自己,嘻嘻~ A pair of wine cover for myself!!!

wine cover


鎖匙圈以及手機飾物  Key Holder and some cell phone knickknacks...  100Nu/each



書簽 Bookmarks USD $2/EACH



小型收納袋 Small handbags USD $3-6/each



買給同事的小飾物 男裝不丹國服叫Gho,女裝叫Kira!!  同事都有,只有送給莎莉別的東西,不送這個給莎莉我怕她會害怕... 以為我給她一個怪人偶... 半夜說不定起來跟她say Hello!!我最喜歡作弄莎莉,她的表情很好玩!我已經可以想像莎莉看到這裡的表情了... 嘻嘻! 幹嘛這麼多人不弄偏要弄你!就是愛你才作弄你嘛~ 原本想買給同事的不是這些... 沒得選之下而買...

Mini Gho & Kira... for our colleagues.  I didn't bought this for Sally, because I am afraid that she will be afraid of this small little thing.  Maybe this small little thing is going to say Hello to her while she is sleeping... hee~ (Sally, you know me!!  I just loves to tease you = I love you Sally!!) I don't really want this as a gift for my colleagues, but I have no choice.



不丹國旗和磁鐵  The National Flag of Bhutan and Magnet maybe 100 Nu??



這兩個不知名的人偶要USD $7!我問Yeshi,他竟然說... 是送人用的!沒什麼特別意思... 那個買東西的女人竟然跟老闆說是幸運的... 個屁~

This two small dolls costed USD $7. I asked Yeshi what did it means?  Yeshi said to give it as a gift.  I asked is there has any meaning of it?  Yeshi said it means nothing... The lady at the store lied to my superior about its for Luck... Bullshxt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



酒瓶  Flask  1000Nu




Princess Goover loves those Wall hangers... total 2250 Nu



來到不丹當然要帶一套國服來穿穿看!女裝叫 KIRA,全套要USD $42!上下各USD $21!

Kira is the National Dress for women in Bhunta!!  The Whole Kira costed me USD $42. 




I bought one more short jacket because I think the price was quite cheap~



不丹男裝國服叫 Gho,全套叫價USD $59+ 9 (socks) = USD $68

Gho is the traditional and national dress for men in Bhutan.  The whole Gho (included the belt and socks) costed USD $68.


碎碎呢 Mur Mur︰

這就是我在不丹買的紀念品!但個人認為在延布買的紀念品比較合我們心意我,延布買的東西種類比柏羅多!!我們在延布的Authentic Bhutanese Crafts那邊看到蠻多我們想買的,但因為之前看到別人一直在說買紀念品要在柏羅買才對!我就忍手沒有在延布大開殺戒... 但到了柏羅看到的都沒有我想買的東西!真的很後悔在延布沒有先買... 連原本在延布看中打算送給同事的東西在柏羅都沒有... 最後反而在機場買了一大堆東西給朋友和同事!對我和老闆而言,延布和機場比較適合我們!如果我們有在延布買東西的話,紀念品就不只這個少了!

Those were the souvenirs that I bought in Bhutan... Well, personally I think the souvenirs at Authentic Bhutanese Crafts in Thimpu and Paro International Airport were much suitable for me and my superior.  But unfortunately, we saw other people said that we should buy the souvenirs in Paro instead of Thimpu.  That's the reason why we waited till shopping in Paro, but it was quite disappointed.  We didn't really buy anything that we really want in Paro.  Finally, we did spent a lot of money in the airport for the gifts to our colleagues and friends. Personally, I think shopping in Thimpu and Paro airport were much better than shopping in Paro...  This is JUST MY personal opinion...  My souvenirs will be much more if I shop in Thimpu as well.

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