BT Visa


It will takes at least 3 days to a week in order to get the Bhutan visa and travel schedule which been approved by the government after the remittance.


You have to print out the E-visa in order to exchange the "real" visa upon arrival.

老闆用台灣護照入境不丹!我看某些台灣人的部落格寫說他們拿到電子簽證上面是寫著Chinese?!?! 忘記在那一個部落格看到!台灣的政府環境比較特別,所以簽證上面寫上Chinese比較不敏感?!?! 華人也是Chinese 呀!不丹是唯一一個國家並沒有跟中國或台灣建交!

My superior was using the Taiwanese passport. Some bloggers said the E-visa that they got were said "Chinese" instead of "Taiwanese" .  The political situation of Taiwan is quite sensitive, so using "Chinese" instead of "Taiwanese" would be more less sensitive?!?!  I don't know!!  Bhutan is the only country which doesn't have diplomatic relationship with either Mainland China and Taiwan.

下圖是不丹路權准證  Route Permit



再來一份是行程表!! 個人覺得行程都是大同少異!看別人的部落格跟我收到的行程差不多一樣!還是一樣?!?! 最近沒有空去研究,因為我在努力弄一份120多頁的計劃書中...

Also, the email came with the Bhutan Trip Schedule.  I took a look of the schedules from other bloggers.  I think they were all similar!!  I don't really have time to read more details, because I was working on a proposal with at least 120 pages in it.





胡志明市起飛到曼谷  Flight from HCMC to BKK

在過境旅館坐一晚 Stayed in overnight hotel at the BKK airport



曼谷到Paro BKK to Paro

Bhutan-Day 1 : Paro 巴羅 - Thimphu 廷布 (不丹首都) [車程1hr]

**導遊會在Paro巴羅機場接機**Tour guide will pick us up at the airport**

Thimphu City Sightseeing 市內觀光

Vegetable Weekend Market 假日市集(菜市場)

National Memorial Chorten 旺楚克三世紀念塔

Buddha Dordenma Statues

Mini Zoo (Takin)


*Overnight: Thimphu @ Thimphu Peaceful Resort


Day 3

Bhutan-Day 2 :Thimphu 廷布市內觀光

BBS Tower 不丹廣播電台電塔制高點可俯瞰大西秋宗

Hike to Chari Monastory/Goemba (2hrs) 健行2小時,參觀Chari 修道院

Tashichho Dzong

Simtokha Dzong

*Overnight: Thimphu @ Thimphu Peaceful Resort


Day 4

Bhutan-Day 3 : Thimphu - Punakha 普納卡 [車程3hrs]- Phobijika 伯茲卡村 [車程 2hrs]


General Post office 國家郵政總局

 Dochula Pass ( Druk Wangyal Chorten) 都楚拉隘口108座佛塔群,稱為凱旋佛塔

 Wangdue phodrang Dzong 旺都波得朗宗 (it burned down, it cannot be visit)

 Phubjika Valley 從望遠鏡看Black-necked Cranes


*Overnight in Phobijikha @ Hotel Dewachen  


Day 5

Bhutan-Day 4 : Phobjika - Punakha

 Chimi Lhakhang 奇美拉康,助生寺 [徒步45]

Gangtey Monastery/Goemba 崗提修道院(拱帕)寺廟

 Punakha Dzong(最美的寺廟) 普納卡宗

 Pele la pass 貝利拉隘口

 * Overnight in  Punakha @ Meri Pun Sum Resort Damchen Resort


Day 6

Bhutan-Day 5 : Punakha - Paro巴羅 [車程3.5hrs]

City Sightseeing 市內觀光

Dochu La Pass (回程停留約15) 都楚拉隘口

Rinpung (Paro) DzongNemi Zam 仁普宗、木建的長橋

Ta Dzong 塔宗(不丹國家博物館)

Shopping 巴羅市區購物

 * Overnight in Paro @ Gangtey Palace


Day 7

Bhutan-Day 6: Paro 巴羅

Taktsang Goemba(Tiger's Nest) 塔桑寺(虎穴寺)健行4.5hrs

Rinpung (Paro) Dzong 仁普/巴羅宗

City sightseeing 市內觀光

* Overnight in Paro @ Gangtey Palace


Day 8

Bhutan-Day 7: Departure

Druk air KB130 11:30~16:30 PBH-BKK

從曼谷轉機回胡志明市 BKK-SGN 18:25~20:00




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