Laos Airports


Let's talk about the small airports in Laos


永珍國內線機場  Domestic Airport in Vietiane

從西貢(胡志明市)飛中間要經Pakse 和我們飛去龍坡邦 (國內線),是在國內航廈Check-in!國際航廈在隔壁!一進去就左邊是看到一條走廊的是入境大廳﹔它的隔壁藍色廣告版那邊是出境大廳!

There has no direct flight from Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City) to Vietiane, we have to stop by a place called "Pakse", which means that it has to check-in in the Domestic Terminal but not the international terminal; this also is the terminal that you are going to check-in to Luang Prabang.  When you go in, the check-in counter will be on your left; and Arrive and Departure hall will be on your right.  



You can also check the flight information on the left when you go into the airport.  The door next to this flight information board would be check-in counter.




That's what the check-in counter looked like.  There has a BLUE board hang on top of the check-in counter.  You have to read it clearly in order to know which line you would take when you check in. 

The date that we left Vietiane back to Saigon, there had a long waiting line in the check-in counter, and both of us thought "Oh my God!!  How long do we have to wait for check-in?"  When I looked up for the information on the blue board, there has two places wrote on it: "Saigon" and "Luang Prabang", the long waiting line was going to LPQ but not SGN.  And there has no one waiting for check-in to Saigon!!  Lucky!! 




The Custom counter for departure hall will be open when the boarding time is close.  Then we can go to the waiting room which has a/c.  But before that, we can just wait outside and looked at the only ONE gift shop that they have....




Here is LPQ airport.  When you go in, you will see there has some people waiting in line, that would be custom counter, but not Check-in counter.




The Check-in Counter would be on your right when you step into the airport.




The computer was down when we check-in for the flight back to SGN, the ground crew gave us a hand writing boarding pass.  We used this hand writing boarding pass to exchanged the Real one when we were boarding.  The ground crew checked out passport again in order to confirm we were the right person!!




A partial view of International airport in Vietiane



噢~ 男生最愛的空姐玉照!是我覺得在這幾趟裡面這位是最漂亮的!

Oh mine~  This should be the favourite picture for the boy - a picture of the beautiful flight attendant!!!  I think she was the beautiest one from all the flights that I took in Laos...



(待續...) (To be continue...)

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